Proception 4 way Masthead Amp IR Return Capability


Manufacturer: Proception

Product Information


  • Standard PROception 4-way masthead format: robust diecast amplifier in free-draining enclosure.
  • Sharp cut-off TETRA input filtering helps avoid interference problems from nearby transmitters.
  • With equipotential bonding point.


Mode 1 (aerial amplifier mode)

  • Apply power (5 - 12 V) to any output from proPSU11F, proPSU12F, suitable Freeview box or IDTV.
  • No power reaches the other outputs, return path amplifier is disabled, unit functions simply as a 4-way low-gain UHF amplifier or 'active splitter'.


Mode 2 (return-path mode)

  • Mode selected by applying power (9 -12V) to the input, usually from RF OUT-2 of a Sky receiver.
  • Return path amplifier and 'eye' power are enabled, facilitating Sky remote control.
  • Compatible with proSAT1EYE; complete 4-way system powered entirely from the Sky box.


Product Code: PROMHD14R

Manufacturers Product Code: PROMHD14R


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