Proception Dual-Mode 4-Way UHF Amplifier


Manufacturer: Proception

Product Information

1 UHF input with dual mode feature allows aerial distribution to 4 rooms or similar with return path distribution amplifier functions. Powering is external by a local plug in power adapter or from a remote room via PSU, SKY box, Freeview STB or TV.


Dual mode operation

  • Mode 1: Apply power to the local power port, or power remotely via any output, and the unit behaves as a simple 4-way UHF amplifier. All return-path features are disabled in this mode.
  • Mode 2: Feeding the input from the RF OUT-2 output of a Sky receiver activates the return-path features allowing remote control of the satellite box using proSAT1EYE infrared 'eyes'.
  • With equipotential bonding point.

Flexible powering

  • Power locally for Mode 1 using a proPSA123 (where mains available) Alternatively power remotely via any output using a proPSU11F, proPSU12F, suitable Freeview box or IDTV.
  • In Mode 2 the complete 4-way system can be powered entirely from the Sky box.


Product Code: PROAMP104X

Manufacturers Product Code: PROAMP104X


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